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10th Nov 2018 Technologies

Selenium  Automation Testing Training course syllabus



Selenium’s Tool Suite

Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE introduction
Installing IDE
IDE features(ICONs)
Building Test Cases
Running Test Cases
Selenium commands-Selenese
Verifying Page Elements
Assertion Vs Verification
Locating Elements (Element Locators)
Pattern Matching
The “AndWait” Command
Wait For command in AJAX
Store commands and Selenese Paramenters
Echo – Selenium Print command
Alerts, Popups & Multiple windows
Writing a Test Suite
IDE Test on different browsers
Selenium Test Runner
Capturing Screen Shots from IDE

Selenium WebDriver
Basic Java
Introduction of Selenium Web Driver
Download and install Selenium Web driver with Eclipse
Creating And Running First Selenium Script In Firefox
Running Selenium Test In Google Chrome Browser
Running Selenium Test In Internet Explorer Browser / Configuration
Element Locators In Web Driver
Web Driver Basic Action Commands
How to apply implicit and explicit wait in selenium
findElement() And findElements() Difference
Generating Log In WebDriver
Creating Object Repository Using Properties File
Extracting All Links From Page
Extracting All Text Box From Page
Extracting/Reading Table Data
Handle Dynamic Web Table
Create And Use Custom Firefox Profile In Selenium WebDriver Test
Downloading Files Using Selenium WebDriver
Handling Ajax Auto Suggest Drop List
Parameterization/Data Driven Testing
Common Functions To Use In WebDriver Test
WebDriver Data Driven Framework Creation
Selenium WebDriver Tips And Tricks

Testing FrameWork
Introduction Of TestNG
TestNG Installation Steps
Similarities and Difference Between TestNG and JUnit
Create And Run First TestNG-WebDriver Test
TestNg annotations with examples
Creating And Running WebDriver Test Suit Using testng.xml File
Creating Single Or Multiple Tests For Multiple Classes
Creating Test Suite Using Class From Different Packages
Creating Test Suite Using Selected Or All Packages
Including Only Selected Test Methods In Selenium WebDriver-TestNg Test
testng.xml – Include/Exclude Selenium WebDriver Test Package
testng.xml – Using Regular Expression To Include/Exclude Test Method
testng.xml – Skip Test Intentionally Using SkipException()
Data driven Testing using @DataProvider Annotation Of TestNG
Parallel test execution In multiple browsers using @Parameters annotation

Selenium Grid
What Is Selenium Grid 2? When To Use Grid?
Setup Grid 2 Hub To Run Selenium WebDriver Tests
Configure Selenium Grid 2 Node To Run WebDriver Test
Use Selenium Grid 2 To Run WebDriver Test Cases In Parallel
Using @DataProvider To Run Parallel WebDriver Tests
Usage Of “maxInstances” In Selenium Grid 2
Usage of “maxSession” In Selenium Grid 2
Set Selenium Grid Node “timeout”
Running Multiple Nodes Of  Grid On Same Machine
Launch Selenium Grid Hub And Nodes Using “JSON” Config