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The class was really useful for Us. We have learned thoroughly the concepts of .Net and we have a satisfaction that we learn the we application. the way of teaching was more understanding


March 8, 2013   


I learned here php. Classes are handled in a good way. The training methods are good. Expecting to continue your work and increase the course duration.

K . Jayakumar   

March 8, 2013   


Really we enjoyed the classes. Its great experience for me to get a clear cut idea regards the project because we got only theoretical knowledge from the collage. Here only i got an in depth knowledge about the live projects how corporate companies doing projects. Thanks to gave me a great opportunity. A+++ trainer and classes..


March 6, 2013   


The training was useful and good. The concept of PHP was understood clealy. Designing of html page which was taught was good. It is useful to us. I can able to gain knowledge in designing and php programming

Vinothini R   

June 10, 2012   


I like the teaching and it was interesting, the practical training sessions we are more good.

Sinduja S   

December 14, 2011