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Web 2.0

The term “Web 2.0 design” to describe the prevailing style of web design. The term Web 2.0 indicates to an advanced and newer version of Web or WWW. This technology is totally different from earlier web technologies and web development techniques. It has opened a number of ways for the software and web developers to enable advanced functionalities to the websites. The applications developed using Web 2.0 can be shared among a number of users through Internet and can be used simultaneously by numerous users. The developers are now able to enable advanced desktop-like features to the web applications.

Advantages of Web2.0 Development and Web 2.0 Development Services

Today Social Networks or Social Media Networks are getting popularity and Web 2.0 is the best standard to develop them. Web 2.0 is a technology that is generally associated with the web applications, which enables interactive user-centered design, interoperability, information sharing, and collaboration on World Wide Web (WWW).

A Web 2.0 based website provides users with free choice to collaborate or interact with one another. The most common examples of Web 2.0 technology enabled websites are- social media networks, video sharing websites, blogs, wikis, web applications, such as Facebook applications, and hosted services.

“Web 2.0” can be used to describe:

  • WEB 2.0-a resurgence in the web economy
  • WEB 2.0-a new level of technological interactivity between web sites and services
  • WEB 2.0- a social phenomena deriving from new types of online communities and social networks

Benefits of WEB 2.0

  • WEB 2.0 is simple, bold, elegant page designs deliver more with less:
  • WEB 2.0 enables designers to shoot straight for the site’s goals, by guiding the site visitor’s eye through the use of fewer, well-chosen visual elements.
  • interactive encyclopedias and dictionaries
  • Ease of data creation, modification or deletion by individual users
  • Advanced gaming.
  • Web 2.0 based sites offer you an interactive user interface, storage and software facilities through your browser. Along with accessing the information from the website, it can also control the data. The major advantages of Web 2.0 are dynamic content, user participation, scalability, metadata, openness, collective intelligence, and rich user interface.

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