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Web Designing Courses

Open Source Web Technologies: Open Source Technologies has become a dominating term in the IT industry. With today’s emerging IT growth and need for new technologies, the contribution from the open source community has been remarkable. The total market share of Open source technologies has growing at a high rate there are many key factors for industries marching towards the open source. Cost is not only the factor for open source software and tools. There many key factors that make open source more dominating and favorite for the IT peoples to go for Open Source. This leads inventions of very productive and low cost software and web solutions to the global clients.

The massive growth of Facebook, Android OS, Firefox Browser, the latest examples and proof for the growth of Open Source Technologies and their power.


All this leads to great opportunity to all IT aspirants to enter in the industry with knowledge on Open source, At Abile Technologies we focus on Open Source Technologies and we like to be part of this community and delivery our contribution the open source community, We provide following Training Programs on Open Source

Program ID Program Name Duration in Hours Syllabus
ATOSW1 Basic Web Programming
85 HRS Download
ATOSW2 Advanced Web Designing and Application Development
[HTML,CSS,PHP,MYSQL,Photoshop/Corel Draw]
110 HRS Download
ATORIA Rich Internet Applications
120 HRS Download


What you will learn

This course covers the study of basic web programming and development. Topics mainly include the design, creation and development of web sites and web pages. You will learn about basic web page creation with standard tools. The course will focus on web-related programming like HTML, CSS and PHP. You will learn simple tags and attributes for creating static web pages using HTML. You will learn about cascading style sheet for decorating your page with simple steps. You will also learn about dynamic creation of dynamic web sites using PHP. Also you will learn database connectivity with basic queries that function over. From over all, this provides you the basic knowledge of web programming.


  • Web Page Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Web Site Developer
  • search engine optimization
  • webmaster tools manager
  • Web Administrator

    Why @ Abile Technologies ?

  • We ourselves as Software Company we understand and experience the pitfalls of a job aspirants being unemployable
  • We analyze and develop a strategy to provide the students Industry ready Training programs
  • Our Training sessions are more practical oriented
  • We provide training based on the real time industry needs and expectations
  • Training Methodologies are regularly analyzed by the expert team and we redesign the methodologies when need.
  • The Training Programs we offer are more realistic based on the current trends and market needs.

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